Smart Ring Features

ESOS offers smart ring technology and contactless payments, ticketing/event entry, mass transit ticketing, gaming and anything else that utilizes tap technology.

You can feel free to head out with nothing but your synced ESOS smart ring and pay for just about anything – anywhere that displays the Contactless Payment sign which currently totals nearly 40million locations worldwide!

Don’t want to miss your favorite artist coming to town?

For all enabled mass transit where tap-to-enter is operable, you can sync your ESOS smart ring up and utilize it as your entry ticket.

ESOS rings smart technology even syncs up to unlock smart-enabled homes, offices, and cars!


Want to get out to the rock concert, but don’t want to risk bringing too many belongings?

The ESOS app will even allow you to sync up business cards / contact information with just a tap of your NFC-enabled smartphone.

Your ESOS smart ring can be your entry ticket and cover your drinks!

Our rings are manufactured in the USA by employees earning a living wage with healthcare.

Tap. Access. Pay.


They are 100% waterproof up to 25 feet for at least 1 hour.

Antiviral /

We use antiviral / antibacterial, medical-grade components - the truly hygienic choice in today’s ever-changing atmosphere. So you can know that you’re safe and secure with your ESOS smart ring, every time you leave the house!

No Wi-Fi

No need to recharge or ensure you’re connected since neither are required with ESOS rings!

Payment / Bank Level Chip Card Security


No Battery

No need to recharge or ensure you’re connected since neither are required with ESOS rings!

to Other Devices


100% Recycled /
Biodegradable Packaging

100% recycled & biodegradable packaging! And we practice what we preach! All smart rings returned to ESOS are deconstructed and recycled into new contactless payment devices. Waste from our recycling process facility is turned into power at Covanta.

Charity Round Up

We believe that pocket change turns into global change, so we’ve partnered up and added the charity round-up feature to our payment systems — allowing you to round up your subtotal to the nearest dollar and direct that amount to the charity of your choice.

So join the tech revolution with our wearable technology. Get your ESOS smart ring today and enjoy Convenience. Wrapped around your finger.


ESOS – smart ring wearable technology allows  phones / wallets / cards / keys to stay secure & germ free

A Note From Rex Scates, CTO

On Feb 23, a California court ruled in my favor on a patent issue. My former attorney, JN Prencipe, was found to have violated multiple laws concerning the practice of law. The court found what I have said for five years. I owned a patent that he sold without my consent, so no transfer could have legally taken place when Mr. Prencipe conveyed my property to a third party without my approval. A 5 year restraining order is still in place against Mr. Prencipe for civil harassment including computer hacking, destroying data and attempting to physically harm an Esos director. I'm very happy we are appealing the case Esos lost connected to this issue.

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